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Gloucestershire Dementia

Enabling those with Dementia, to have a voice…


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Informing, Enabling and Empowering welcoming and inclusive Communities

Improving Access

Making environments inclusive and accessible for all; providing workshops and audits to help make life easier for those who need it most.

Developing Resources

Using ideas and tools – producing dementia friendly leaflets, videos and resources to enable everyone to be supported within the community. 

Safe And Secure

Working with local services to ensure those living with dementia have adequate plans in place to keep them safe, secure and happy.

Making an Impact Across Gloucestershire

The overarching aim of the Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance is to make sure that everyone in the County living with dementia, their friends, family and carers are respected and are enabled to continue to enjoy living their lives in their own communities as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Dementia is something that affects us all…

Dementia is one of the major causes of disability in older people, but is increasingly affecting younger people too. Diagnosis rates increase rapidly after 65 years of age. 


Aged 65-69


aged 85-89

In 2019 Gloucestershire population was 637,070 and predominantly had a higher proportion of people ages 65% compared to to other parts of England. 

Educational Video

Thinking about challenges someone with dementia might face. This video explains ways of approaching and communicating with someone who may be living with dementia. It gives brief knowledge regarding the condition and suggests ways that may be beneficial to you when in a position where you may have to communicate with someone living with dementia. Produced by members of the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance, and also supported by One Gloucestershire and the Gloucestershire Dementia Action Alliance (Countywide).

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Meet The Team

Below are the key leadership members of the GDAA who all play a vital part in ensuring we deliver the highest level of support to members of the community  and liaise with services to improve care across the county. 

Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies


Phil Sullivan

Phil Sullivan

Voluntary Independent Chair

Lena Maller

Lena Maller


Real World Action

‘I don’t talk to my friends about Dad, they think it is just about memory loss. There needs to be better education about Dementia, everyone needs to know about it.

17 year old carer whose Father has early onset Dementia

It’s like trying to do a jigsaw with 3 pieces missing.

Carer for parents with Dementia and frailty.

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